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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Positive new development (already) in county resolution campaign

And then there were forty-four . . .

Last night (or sometime yesterday, anyway), Logan County hopped aboard the freedom train (I guess my courageously anonymous commenter would say that more reproductive organ-challenged white boys have been heard from--hopefully he would say so with characteristic wit and cleverness).

The updated map thus looks like this:
(Click to enlarge)

By the way, speaking of the maps, a little clarification is probably in order. The Illinois Pro Second Amendment website lists two counties (Rock Island and Champaign) as "Failed," because committees on the respective boards voted against bringing the resolution to the full board for a vote. Illinois Carry, on the other hand, uses a different convention for the map, with the red counties (of which Cook is the only one--and likely to remain that way) are red to indicate a strong, largely county-wide opposition to the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms. Illinois Carry does not list any counties as "Failed," because the full county board has not voted against it. Arguments could be made for doing it either way.

I'm going to try to tiptoe around that "controversy" (if it can be called that), and use yet another convention (one of my own) that tries to incorporate elements of both viewpoints. That's why I have Rock Island and Champaign Counties listed in a category of my own devising: "Efforts to bring to full board for vote rebuffed (for now)," in order to indicate that the drive has hit a speedbump in those counties, but that the fight ain't over. It's a bit awkward, but that's how I plan to do it from now on.

Feeling lonely yet, Cook County?


Anonymous said...

Their refusal to allow the full board to vote on it is a very good indicator that they know the what the outcome will be.

It also is indicative of their desire to further abuse their constituents. This should be made evident at election time by opposing candidates.

I would think your input would be invaluable to the challengers, come election season.

You do good work.