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Friday, September 28, 2007

Still more reasons to be excited about Michael Sullivan as head of the BATFE

For those readers who don't appreciate irony, the above title is rather heavy on the sarcasm. Red's Trading Post and War on Guns have already pointed out some reasons to be concerned about the prospect of Michael Sullivan having BATFE stormtroopers at his command.

Someone on a gun forum I frequent has found some more . . . interesting information about him at the U.S. Attorney (Massachusetts District) website.

Sullivan continues his mission of protecting our youth and our communities by developing a Community Prosecution and Crime Reduction Unit which seeks to develop highly targeted gun violence reduction strategies consistent with the President's Project Safe Neighborhood Initiative. Through these innovative efforts Sullivan has elicited unprecedented cooperation amongst federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
But how bad could that be? We all want safe neighborhoods, don't we? Well, why don't we take a look at Project Safe Neighborhoods' website?

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) continues its valued PSN partnership by providing training opportunities and informative publications to law enforcement officials. For the latest IACP publications on firearms violence, please visit the IACP Gun Violence Reduction web site. You can also sign up for the free biweekly IACP email newsletter by visiting the IACP web site.

The National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) continues its PSN support by providing training opportunities and technical assistance to prosecutors, as well as publishing newsletters and other documents to update prosecutors on gun crime prosecution issues and promising practices. For the latest NDAA publications on firearms violence, please visit the NDAA Gun Violence Prosecution web site.
You will, of course, remember the IACP, and their masters (or paymasters, anyway) at the Joyce Foundation. Michael's apparently tight relationship with the IACP should serve him well if Giuliani gets elected, I guess.

I had not, until now, been familiar with the NDAA, but from what I see at the webpage linked to by the Project Safe Neighborhoods website, it would seem that this organization is to prosecuting attorneys what the IACP is to police. One of their publications (in PDF format--you'll need Adobe Acrobat, or something similar), for example, waxes eloquent in its praise for Project Exile. Oh well, if he likes Project Exile, he and the NRA should get along beautifully, eh?

It's starting to look as if we had better hope the next Attorney General keeps the BATFE on a very short leash--hmm . . . why can't I muster much confidence in the likelihood of that happening?