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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A young man who gets it

I have written more than once (here and here, for example) about college students who have apparently had their views shaped more by the screaming hysteria of the civilian disarmament crowd than they have by learning about the Constitution and their own rights. Therefore, it is particularly refreshing to find a college student (a Virginia Tech student, no less) in whose heart the fires of liberty still burn brightly.

Patrick MacCormack is, I submit, one such student.

Is anyone else disgusted by how the article "Governor Kaine enacts review panel's proposals" (CT, Sept. 21) completely papers over any controversy?

The article calls groups such as The Million Mom March gun violence prevention groups, which is a quite the red herring (who is pro-gun violence?) because they're better known for their gun control platform.
Good point, Patrick--just how much "gun violence" have the Million Moms (all 24 of them) "prevented"? Apparently not much, or we wouldn't hear so much wailing about "the epidemic of 'gun violence.'"
The scary thing with adding background checks is that the laws can be written to make guns very difficult to obtain for law-abiding citizens, not just insane people. With extreme gun control groups backing these changes, I don't have high hopes that the laws will be written fairly.

Equally offensive was the quote from the Virginia Million Mom March president that "students on Virginia's campuses should be assured that they are learning in safe, secure environments," referring to banning guns on campuses. Guess what? Guns were already illegal on Virginia Tech's campus on April 16.
Mr. MacCormack is a junior, and an aerospace engineering major. If his letter to the editor is any indication, I have little doubt that he has the intelligence to earn that rather hefty degree.

Still, I almost wish he were going into politics, rather than engineering--he might be just what the country needs.