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Friday, October 05, 2007

I guess they need to start up a tough policy of 'pepper control' laws

Running a bit low on inspiration today, so I thought we would take a look at this scary episode in London.

Police cordoned off three streets and firefighters smashed down a door after reports of a chemical attack on a busy shopping street in London's Soho.

But instead of a terrorist attack or a toxic leak, all police found was a Thai cook preparing chilli sauce.

Emergency workers wearing protective breathing masks were called to D'Arblay Street on Monday evening after members of the public detected an acrid cloud of smoke.

A Hazardous Area Response Team was dispatched and specialist crews broke down the door of the Thai Cottage restaurant.

They emerged shortly afterwards with a 9lb pot of chillies.
The Brits would seem to be just a little bit jumpy, don't you think? Perhaps I'm being unfairly harsh, and perhaps my own tastes interfere with my ability to understand fear induced by the smell of spicy food (I tend to use cayenne powder more than most people use salt), but I cannot help but think that maybe they would not be so readily frightened (remember this?), if they were not kept in a state of mandated defenselessness, (in which even the police are under orders to flee from thuggish punks).

"But," we're told, "Britain's extremely restrictive gun laws make them safer!" Uh-huh.

But at least they seem close to a solution to stabbings (and actually, without the ability to chop up those dangerous peppers, maybe Thai chefs can be prevented from concocting their fiendish weapons of mass destruction).


Anonymous said...

Just when I think that the once-great empire can't get any stupider...

Anonymous said...

The story sounds silly until you start thinking back to when the Brits had to deal with car bombs and terrorist attacks in their cities.

Mike said...

It still sounds silly.