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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Once again, VPC angry at Washington Redskins--for helping area youth

I didn't get around to this before the event actually happened, but I don't want to let it pass entirely uncommented--I might as well make it an annual tradition.

As was the case last year (and the year before), the VPC is upset about the Redskins' fund raising drive for the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation. Hmm--now why would that be? Does this charity organization raise money for nefarious purposes?

The mission of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation is to utilize the assets of the Washington Redskins and its corporate and community partners to make a positive and measurable impact on youth in the greater Washington, D.C. region in the areas of literacy, youth development, education, community service and health and wellness.
Yep--that sounds pretty evil, alright.

Just kidding--the VPC's problem isn't with the charity itself, but with the Redskins' choice of partners for the event. You see, this event is sponsored by the NRA, whom the VPC's Josh Sugarmann considers to be the embodiment of all evil.
If it's October, then it's time again for the annual spectacle of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation cozying up to the organization leading the charge* to overturn the District of Columbia's gun laws: the National Rifle Association. On Oct. 16, the Redskins' foundation will hold its third annual Redskins Sporting Clays Challenge sponsored by NRA Sports. Since 2005, the Redskins have held the event -- despite organized protests by D.C. youth, negative media coverage and the event's obvious conflict with the stated goal of the foundation to "make a positive and measurable impact on youth in the greater Washington, D.C. region," including their "health and wellness."
Keep in mind that this will not raise money for the NRA, and in fact I would imagine the NRA is spending a considerable sum of money on this. In other words, the Redskins are not, as Sugarmann whines, "giving aid and comfort to an organization with political goals that would place D.C. youth at greater risk" (that "greater risk" being increased exposure to the Bill of Rights)--they are receiving the NRA's assistance.

What kind of contributions to charity has the VPC made for underprivileged D.C. youth? I haven't been able to find any. Of course, I'm not trying to be judgmental--the VPC (and other major citizen disarmament groups) seems to have fallen on hard times these days--charity starts at home--right, Josh?. Citizen disarmament agenda advancement not paying like it used to, Josh?

That's just too darned bad--it can't be easy to accept that people are no longer buying what you're selling.

*I wonder what the CATO Institute would have to say about Josh's claim that the NRA is "leading the charge" in bringing a bit of the Second Amendment to Washington D.C. Seems to me that the NRA has, at most, been bringing up the rear.

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Unknown said...

GO SKINS!!!! and go 2nd Amendment!!!