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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Light blogging today

Picking up a new gun (WAHOO!) and going to the range, then spending most of the day and evening with my sister and her family, so this is probably about it for today.

I should remind folks of something I mentioned awhile back--that the International Association of Chiefs of Police foundation dinner, featuring Rudy "Have I mentioned 9/11, recently?" Giuliani as the keynote speaker, is tomorrow.

I would dearly love to hear what he has to say to those passionate advocates of civilian disarmament, and compare it to what he said to the NRA, but I seriously doubt that speech will be made available to the public. If, by chance, someone does find it, please give me a shout, either through a comment here, or at 45superman@gmail.com.


the pistolero said...

so, 45superman, gonna tell us about your new gun are are ya gonna keep us guessin'?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ooh--I was afraid someone would ask that. I'm a bit embarrassed. After coming close to advocating another S&W boycott (because they're apparently still getting government money to research "smart gun" technology), I bought this. I don't even have the excuse of having a practical use for it--but man I love the thing.

All I've fired through it so far are girlie-man loads (350 grain .500 S&W Specials--rather than magnums)--they're not bad at all. When my 500 grain Double Taps get here, I might flip my wheelchair over.

With the wimp loads, though, I'm a happy guy.

the pistolero said...

Well, I really can't say anything, because I have two Ruger firearms in my collection, and would really like to replace the GP-100 I had to liquidate recently. *grin*
Oh, cripes, I just looked at that thing. 2.75-inch barrel? You're a bigger man than me, that's all I have to say...and Double Tap loads through it? I bow to you, sir! I'd like to get some of their 10mm to try in that Dan Wesson Razorback I'll be picking up later this week...

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Don't bow to me until after I've fired a 500 grain Double Tap through it--and am still willing to do it again.

To be honest, I'm convinced that the short barrel probably cuts velocity enough that even with the lighter weight (and less muzzle-heavy balance), recoil is probably lighter than with the longer barreled versions. You definitely see a lot of powder being burned outside the gun--that's powder that's not contributing to recoil, of course.

Anonymous said...

Better lock the wheels on your chariot, gladiator. :)

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hell, even my 1911's, firing standard 230 grain loads (maybe 850 fps) moves the chair backwards if I don't lock the wheels.

What I worry about is that when I start firing the 500 grain, full house magnums, even with the wheels locked, the chair might just flip me over on my back. So far, I haven't talked my brother-in-law into standing behind the chair to brace me, either (he's too smart for that).

the pistolero said...

I don't know. With at least .357 Magnum and .45 ACP, the shorter-barreled guns always kick harder. I don't know why that is, but it's been my observation. In any event, I'd be interested to know how it shoots.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

In any event, I'd be interested to know how it shoots.

You're just lucky you don't live close enough for me to conscript you into being the first to shoot the Double Taps! Maybe I'll find some foolhardy madman (I mean one worse than I am) at the range.

As for more or less recoil out of the short barrel--let me kid myself, OK? Otherwise, I may chicken out when the Double Taps get here. I should probably get some 350 grain magnums, to see how I handle it when loaded up to magnum velocity, but with the "little" 350 grain bullet (which should be considerable more manageable than the 500 grainers).