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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Illinois Pro-Second Amendment county resolution movement has HUGE couple of days

Wow--I turn my back for two days, and six counties adopt resolutions to reaffirm their support for the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms (and condemn the Chicago area based attempts to quash that right). It's not easy to keep up, but I'm not complaining.

Tuesday, the resolution passed in in Montgomery, Coles, Jo Daviess, Washington, and Cumberland Counties (bringing the total number to fifty-one--half the counties in the state). Yesterday, Edgar and Williamson Counties got on board. In addition, Clark County has scheduled a full county board vote on the resolution for next Thursday (Oct. 18th), and Jackson County board committee will take a look at it in early November. As always, for the most current information, go to the Illinois Pro Second Amendment Resolution website.

Here is the current map:
(click to enlarge)

As I said Tuesday, despite the season, it's starting to look like springtime for gun rights in Illinois (and the winter of discontent for the civilian disarmament advocates?).