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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Biden's 'Crime Bill' gets a cosponsor

Any guesses as to who might support a bill that both closes the mythical "gun show loophole," and re-establishes the old ban on "assault weapons"?

Here's a hint:


opaww said...

Biden and kerry can suck my ass

Michael Hawkins said...

Look at that turkey ...

Yuri Orlov said...

Which turkey?


Anonymous said...

There's only one turkey in the picture. The other fowl (foul?) thing is a goose.

Michael Hawkins said...

I know a fowl when I see one, I stand by my previous post

opaww said...

Need to set up kerry and Dick Cheney for a quail hunt in Texas together

Anonymous said...

I would give the people of Delaware
my most heartfelt thanks if they would vote this idiot out of office. What is this, his 50th attempt for the assault ban? Seems like it.


Anonymous said...

MH, I know you do, I was just making sure the slow kids got it.

I wanted to make sure Yuri Orlov's comment did not confuse them.

Old Kash and Kerry is the other foul.

A man who has made his living lying about his military service in Viet Nam and lying to rich women in the United States. He is a real turkey. I suspect he would drown in a hard rain.