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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VPC claims Washington DC's gun laws necessary to prevent epidemic of suicides

It hasn't been long since I discussed the latest silliness from the VPC, but the more I think about it, the more I feel compelled to point out the utter absence of logic in the VPC press release. The fact that nothing in DC's homicide stats provides much reason for faith in the efficacy of gun bans in reducing violence, thus forcing the VPC to instead concentrate on suicides, is rather telling.

I utterly reject the contemptible scare tactics used by citizen disarmament advocates--"Only 'gun-control' will save you from crackheads and gangbangers," or, "Only 'gun-control' will save you from angry, white 'gun nuts,'" or, "Only 'gun-control' will save you from terrorists," etc., but at least such Chicken Little fear mongering tacitly acknowledges that part of the problem is evil people, who commit evil acts, with guns.

But with this, we are apparently being told that only "gun-control" will save Washington DC residents from . . . themselves. If I were a DC resident, I would have trouble not taking that as a rather harsh insult, implying that only through the noble efforts of the benign DC officials am I being prevented from offing myself. How blessed DC residents must feel to have such paragons of wisdom watching over them.

While the VPC defends DC for supposedly protecting residents from themselves, we are apparently expected to ignore the fact DC's laws prevent citizens from protecting themselves (despite the well-known fact that police are under no obligation to provide the protection that citizens are denied from providing themselves).

That's a fool's bargain--which, perhaps, makes DC as good a place as any for it.


Anonymous said...

How would it have helped this guy?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for articulating the idiocy! The wailing from anti-civil-rights folks is so deafening that the populace starts to believe the lies. Good to have folks like you publishing logic.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, Japan, which has very strict gun control, has a much higher suicide rate than the U.S.

David said...

As a DC resident, having had my truck, motorcycle, all my tools stolen over the 10 years I've called this place home...I think I have a right to opinion. The second I can buy a gun, I'm doing it. I am purchasing a Berretta 9mm and a Benelli 12 Gauge Autoloader. Why? I have had people make death threats to me and my family because we wouldn't give them money while they beg at my local Safeway. One even followed me home and threatened to kill my wife and kids. Under the same conditions as a owner of a Benelli, I think I would have given him a blank check to cash in his after life. The COPS that are supposed to protect us, don't do squat. Ask me and I'll give you more examples of the worthlessness of the Metropolitan Police Department when it pertains to protecting citizen's lives vs. protecting the street scum that harass us.

Ron Kallemeyn said...

You are absolutely right. I believe that this issue will be the number one issue in America for the next five years. Apparently, the issue is set up as an all or nothing situation. Either the Supreme Court does the right thing and agrees with the lower court decision which finds the DC law unconstitutional or it makes the wrong decision and overturns the lower court. Either way this country will be much different. If they find the DC law unconstitutional then the gun control groups and the media are going to cry foul and it will be a major issue for a long time, but it will eventually die down. If they find the DC law constitutional then legislatures are going to feel completely unrestricted and will pass many more gun control laws. Clearly, criminalizing large portions of the populations will result in violent protest making Waco and Ruby Ridge look like minor events. If these protests become organized it will become a revolt. Of course, revolution is the reason the second amendment is in the constitution in the first place. After just defeating the British tyranny over them, the founders were very concerned about the new government and its power. Therefore, the "people" were left with the power to revolt.