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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So . . . how do they intend to ban this?

In a comment responding to my post from yesterday, fellow gun rights blogger Robb Allen (Sharp as a Marble) exposed yet another point of absurdity in regard to the VPC's apparent contention that Washington DC's handgun ban is all that stands between DC residents and mass suicide. To illustrate his point, Robb gives us this story, about a man who, over the course of a weekend, built a homemade firearm (using steel pipe) with which he committed suicide. Maybe the VPC should lobby for an aggressive policy of pipe control.

Checking out the comments posted in response to Robb's post about that incident, I found other references to building firearms at home (and not crude "zip guns," either--in many cases we're talking about the kinds of "military grade assault weapons" that so terrify the anti-gun herbivores).

For example, this YouTube video shows old men in Pakistan making fully functional (and fully-automatic) AK-47 copies (and many other guns) in "factories" that looked like mud brick hovels.

Perhaps my favorite link, though, was to The Home Gunsmith, a site run by a British citizen who, in a counter-strike against that country's draconian firearms laws, has dedicated himself to spreading knowledge of how citizens, with little in the way of mechanical skills or expensive tools, can build effective fighting firearms with which to defend their lives and liberty. The following line is prominently displayed on the site, and I assume it came from the site's owner (P.A. Luty). I really like it, and will most likely end up stealing it before too long:

There are over 550 million firearms
in worldwide circulation; that's one
firearm for every twelve people.
The only question is;
how do I arm the other eleven?
The site sells manuals on constructing 9mm submachineguns (and other guns) from materials that can be cheaply had at any hardware store. I assume these would have smoothbore barrels (as I don't know how one could easily or cheaply rifle a barrel). Accuracy would suffer, but at short range, and with a full-auto, that's probably a small concern. Still, I assume he did it that way because British law treats gun barrels as controlled items. If one were doing such a project here in the States, where a mere barrel is considered to be an inert hunk of metal, I would think it might make more sense to acquire a factory-made, rifled barrel, which can be had without any paperwork, and build the rest of the gun around it.

Even here at Armed and Safe, I've discussed home manufacture of guns as a way of defeating gun registration (which could also be referred to as gun pre-confiscation) and other so-called "gun-control" laws, although I was looking at the "80% frame" market (by the way, Rick Celata could use some help).

With the insane murder rates in "gun-controlled" urban sewers like Washington DC and Chicago, it would seem that citizen disarmament advocates have developed a very impressive immunity to logic in regard to discussions about violence reduction strategies. Still, if it can be shown that the more they prohibit guns, the more ways freedom loving people will find to defeat their prohibitions, they'll be forced to acknowledge that where there is a will there is a way, and that those who would fight for liberty have no shortage of will.


me said...

I was rather inspired by the youtube video. It just proves that people will seek to be safe, and free, by any means.

The government can not, and will not, take away the knowledge. There will be those who break the law, and there will be those who do not. No matter what they do the genie is out of the bottle. The only thing that can be done is to teach the children well, but it seems the government is hell bent on just the opposite in order to seize complete control at which point we will all be criminals and will no longer be free.

Fear not, weapons can still be made in prison, so the eternal fight for freedom will continue.

rest well my anti-gunners, knowing that you will never prevail.

Michael Hawkins said...

I'm confident you'd also like to take a look at:

Anonymous said...

That quotation on 'arming the other eleven' was part of the movie "Lord of War". Good flick if you haven't seen it, I'm not sure if it was intended to be an anti-gun film or not, but I left wondering how to break into the international arms trade.

The UK bloke uses British Standard Pipe for his designs, which is slightly different then the regular pipe we get in the US, notably its got higher pressure rating and is measured differently. That said, find a good supplier in your area and its out there in large quantities.

As an aside: home build guns that are smooth bore require an NFA stamp (maybe an exception for shotguns and muzzle loaders?). However ones built with rifling do not (unless they are other wise NFA items (short barrel, full auto, that sort of thing)).


Anonymous said...

In paragraph 4, you might want to throw a "t" into the word "libery"?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks, Anom--and time to fire my damned lazy proofreader ;-).

Thanks again.