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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help put the brakes on Sullivan confirmation.

Ryan Horsley, over at Red's Trading Post, has given plenty of reasons for gun owners to oppose the appointment of Michael Sullivan as head of the BATFE, so I'm not going to try to repeat them all. War on Guns has also been a big part of the endeavor to warn gun owners of what to expect from a Sullivan-led BATFE, and even I have had a bit to say on the matter.

Hey, I'm not trying to claim that the "right" choice to head the BATFE would suddenly give the agency the Constitutional legitimacy it lacks, but it does seem possible that someone could be found who does not derive personal satisfaction from the exercise of crushing bureaucratic power over one's fellow citizens. If we are looking for such a person, it would seem that we have not found him in Michael Sullivan.

Red's Trading Post and War on Guns are urging readers to contact their U.S. senators (as soon as possible--now that he has been approved by the Senate committee, the confirmation vote by the whole Senate could come any day), asking them to vote "No" on Sullivan's confirmation. As David points out, even anti-gun Senators should be able to find plenty to not like about this character.

Find a reason besides guns (see this link) if you think it will help: He's attacked health care companies; A dozen US attorneys quit on his watch; He's done patronage hires with his buddies; He's alienated federal judges with his heavy-handedness; Ah, here's one--his policies single out minorities for the most extreme punishment. You get the idea.
If our Senators don't hear from their constituents that Sullivan is unacceptable, we have only ourselves to blame.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I'll get right on that. Email to Durbin and Obama going out today...

ah well...maybe people in other states will help us out.