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Friday, November 30, 2007

A bit of good news regarding the proposed Cook County ordinance?

I considered posting this update as an edit to today's earlier post, but such updates can get kind of lost in the shuffle, so I decided a new post was in order. What this is about is what looks like some good news for Chuck's Gun Shop, and bad news for Cook County's aspiring tyrant, Larry Suffredin.

Remember what Suffredin smugly and pompously stated (also remember that the lack of spaces between many of the words isn't my fault):

"As a home rule unit, Cook Countyhas the legal right to regulate where these establishments are allowed tooperate. Chuck's Gun Shop is within one mile of a school which will not beallowed once this ordinance passes."
Fellow Illinois gun rights activist GarandFan discovered the following in the Illinois state constitution (in SECTION 6. POWERS OF HOME RULE UNITS).
(c) If a home rule county ordinance conflicts with an
ordinance of a municipality, the municipal ordinance shall
prevail within its jurisdiction.
So now the question is whether or not Riverdale has an ordinance that conflicts with Suffredin's new pet tyranny. Let's take a look. I couldn't find anything about proximity to schools in Riverdale's municipal gun laws, which might spell bad news for Chuck's after all, but I did find this (click to enlarge):

So it would seem that Riverdale intends to be protected from Cook's draconian gun laws (Riverdale has some fairly draconian laws of its own, but that's another matter), but I wouldn't be surprised if Cook County took Riverdale to court in order to impose Chicago-style tyranny on Riverdale (arguing that Riverdale has no ordinance that directly conflicts with the provision that imposes a minimum distance from schools), and not much more surprised if Cook won. Just to be safe, I think Riverdale ought to pass a new ordinance, specifying that gun shops must be a minimum of one inch (maybe one angstrom) from a school--now that would indisputably put their ordinance in direct conflict with Suffredin's proposal, giving Riverdale the upper hand.

I realize, of course, that this proposed ordinance goes well beyond Chuck's, and needs to be fought tooth and nail regardless, but a chance to defeat this portion of it is still good news--especially given my sneaky suspicion that Chuck's was to a large degree the target of this abomination. I would certainly like to see "Snuffy" Pfleger's face if it does turn out that Chuck's is safe after all.