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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hey Cook County--you're going the wrong way!

Yesterday, I made a vague promise to try to post an update on the resolution of support for the Second Amendment that is spreading across Illinois, county by county. Well, I never quite got to it (was busy celebrating the fact that I am now one year closer to the grave).

Anyway, since the last update, Bond County has joined the growing majority of Illinois counties that are opposed to Chicago-style "gun control," the county board having so voted on Tuesday, November 20th (I know--I'm not keeping up).

Jackson County will have a committee vote next Tuesday (December 4th), to determine whether or not the resolution advances to the full board.

This, then, is what the map currently looks like:
(click to enlarge)

As I mentioned yesterday, it would seem that Cook County and the rest of the state are headed in opposite directions. As a general rule of thumb, the direction opposite the one in which Cook is headed would certainly seem to be the correct direction in which to go.

As always, keep an eye on the Illinois Pro Second Amendment Resolution website for more details (and more frequent updates than you'll find here).