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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cook Co. 'out-D.C.-ing' D.C. Part I

I'll post more on this later, but I wanted to get this out as fast as possible:

ISRA Alert:

Rabid gun-grabbers on the Cook County Board came one step closer last week to instituting a total ban on firearm ownership in the county – except for police and military personnel.

Introduced by Commissioner William Beavers, the so-called “Safe Streets/Weapons Registration Ordinance” appears on the surface to be some sort of gun registration scheme. However, closer examination reveals that the only people who could comply with the registration requirements would be Chicago residents who had previously registered their guns with the city. Everyone else in Cook County would have to turn in their guns to the police. The ordinance would certainly ban all handguns as the ordinance disallows registration of handguns that do not have a “chamber load” indicator. Few, if any, handguns could comply with this requirement, so they would have to be surrendered to the police.

The full text of Beavers’ proposed ordinance may be found here. To learn more about William Beavers, click this link: http://www.co.cook.il.us/district04.htm .

William Beavers is an enemy to our Constitution and an enemy to all freedom-loving people of the United States. Call him at (312) 603-2065 and also call his other office at (773) 731-1515 and tell them exactly what you think of Beavers and his plan to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Another gun-hater on the Cook County Board is Larry Suffredin. Suffredin has fielded a proposed ordinance that would shut down all gun shops in the county. You may read about that ordinance by clicking here.

Larry Suffredin is an enemy to our Constitution and an enemy to all freedom-loving people of the United States. For full information on Larry Suffredin, click this link: http://www.co.cook.il.us/district13.htm . Call Suffredin at 847-864-1209 and 312-603-6383 and tell them exactly what you think of Larry Suffredin’s plan to punish law-abiding gun owners.

Even if you don’t live in Cook County, or even if you don’t live in Illinois for that matter, call anyway. Freedom is at stake here.

In addition to calling these gun-hating stooges, please do the following:

1. Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards of which you are a member.

2. Send this alert to all your gun owning friends and ask them to call Beavers and Suffredin too!

This, folks, is a treasonous attack on the Constitution. As I understand it, the penalty for treason can be rather harsh.

Updates to follow.


opaww said...

I have not been keeping up with my blog board, and am putting most of my efforts into my web page so if you want to remove the link to it feel free to do so it is opaww's range. My web site is
If you would like to use anything on it feel free to do so.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your stance completely! The "right to bear arms" is an outdated phrase. Gang bangers do not have the right to bear arms! Nor do mental patients, abuse spouses, angst-ridden teenagers, children or drug dealers. WAKE UP!!! Guns are for killing...I do not support the "right" to kill. GET GUNS OFF OF OUR STREETS!!!

~A.G., Cook County citizen

Anonymous said...

Treason...what a bunch of overdramatic drivel. Some people will fight for anything without even thinking about the consequences. The Constitution was written over 200 years ago-things have changed since then. We aren't living in the same society. Gun control is necessary and important. Choose your battles wisely.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

A.G., you do not have to support gang bangers', abusive spouses', and drug dealers' right to bear arms. You don't, in fact, have to support any of their rights--they tend to do want they want without worrying about whether they have a right, or not. I see it as evil, however, to violate the right of potential victims of such people to have the most effective means of self-defense at their disposal.

Anonymous, let me see if I follow you here--an elected official who subverts the Constitution is not committing treason, if it's part of the Constitution that isn't recent? The problem with that (one of many problems, really) is that the entire Bill of Rights "was written well over 200 years ago"--and the government is obligated to be bound by all of it--not just the parts you still like.

Fighting the scourge of so-called "gun control" is as wise a choice of battles as any American could make.

opaww said...

And what pray tell American Male in Cook County, IL said... would you replace the Constitution with sense you believe it is old and outdated? Maybe the scoialist bill of right (which is not really a bill of right but more like a bill of unrights) (or maybe the communist party U.S.A.'s Constitution, which is more of a prision trem for freedom then a constitution) NO thanks I was born free and shall die free, and there is nothing people like you can do but kill me or STFU and go away. Either way I don't got to listen to you.

And ~A.G., Cook County citizen until a gang member has been proven in a court of law to be a criminal then he has the same rights as anyone else, and can own a gun. Mental patients depending on what their mental problem is, if they are non violant and not a danger to theirself's then by all means own a gun. I do support the right to kill when it is in defence of my life or others lives. Just because you do not does not make your belief right and mine wrong.

It boils down to this, you take my rights away even the 2nd Amendment and I will take your away to don't go bitching because you have no free speach or free press, or any of the others.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

By the way, the second part of my comment was meant to be a response to "American male in Cook County, IL," rather than "Anonymous"--that's what I get for dealing with comments at 2:30 AM.

opaww said...

People are saying the Second amendment is old and out of date, and that we no longer need it because the National Guard takes the place of a well-regulated militia. Well maybe in their eyes it is old and out of date, and if the second amendment is out of date then is not the rest of the Bill of Rights also out of date?

We don’t need freedom of speech anymore sense we have highly educated and articulate persons passing their self’s off as reporters, attempting to speak on the behalf of what they think Americans should say and want. Who better to speak on our behalf then a socialist controlled news group?

Let us not bother our self’s with religion anymore sense people like hillery klinton are above God and we just don’t need anything so small as a deity directing our lives sense the Government is far more capable of telling you what to do.

And to what purpose is the right to peaceably assemble? The only reason we need to assemble in groups of more then 3 people at a time is to listen to our daily brainwashing I mean re-educational talk, The dangers of allowing people to assemble in more then 3 people could lead to dissension and with dissension we have the possibility of a resistance toward what the Government has decided you should like. This could lead to possible freethinking, which would lead to violence committed by American slaves I mean citizens toward other Americans. And could not the people if thinking clearly decide to over throw the Government that has suppressed us for our own good?

Why would any citizen need to petition the Government for a redress of grievances? Sense the Government only has our best interests in their mind and no citizen should ever question what the Government tells you to do, or believe.

And if a solder of the Government wishes to stay in the dwelling that you occupy then he may do so sense the 3rd amendment no longer applies being that no American citizen should owns any land, dwelling or establishment. As is seen with the imminent domain that governments and corporations can take the land anyway for the greater good of all.

The 4th amendment does not apply anymore sense if a represinitive of the law asks to search your dwelling you live in and you refuse they can call for a blanket search warrant if they don’t have one handy and search anyway. If a officer of the law has reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed at the time he may force entry anyway and obtain a warrant later and this is upheld in the courts now days so we don’t need the 4th amendment anymore.

So by the examples above we can see that the whole of the Bill of Rights are old and outdated, we can go on with the rest of them to show just how outdated they are but one would think educated people can see just by what I have wrote so far.

If you take my rights to keep and bare arms away, then don't yell, scream, and cry when I take your other rights away under the same reasoning you took mine.

Sorry for it being a tad bit long.

Anonymous said...

When they took the 4th Amendment,
I was quiet because I didn't deal drugs.

When they took the 6th Amendment,
I was quiet because I am innocent.

When they took the 2nd Amendment,
I was quiet because I don't own a gun.

Now they have taken the 1st Amendment, and I can only be quiet.