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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not much blogging, but see this

I don't know how much blogging I'll be doing in the immediate future--some bizarre internet problem seems to have shut down my access to most of (but not all of) the web. I guess Al Gore is probably too preoccupied with global warming to lend his internet expertise.

Anyway, being, for the most part, cut off from the internet, I am unable to get to the news stories and other sources on which I depend for material, so until that's resolved (and I don't even know whom to ask for help or advice), I probably won't be doing much blogging.

What I can do is point readers to a superb piece of commentary about Chuck Goudie's ABC News piece that aired last night. If you have not yet seen that bit of "news," I recommend doing so, in order to see a real, live "Authorized Journalist" protecting Chicago from elderly black women forced to choose between defenselessness in dangerous neighborhoods on the one hand, and violation of Chicago's draconian gun laws on the other.

Then, hurry over to Chicago Handgun Rights to read "Between a Rock and a Hard Place."

Here's an excerpt:

Simply put, Delores, like no doubt many others in Chicago, have had to choose between survival and violating Chicago's ill-conceived and unconstitutional handgun ban. The last, and most important, of her civil rights are being violated---the right to defend her own life. Where is Jesse Jackson now? He's abetting those that are forcing Delores to the back of the bus.
It's a must-read.


Dustin said...

Shame on Al Gore for ignoring his own invention. He's probably too busy flying in his private jet somewhere leaving behind all kinds of pollution.