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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cook Co. 'out-D.C.-ing' D.C., part III

Time for a bit more on the Cook County ordinance proposed by Commissioner "Hog with Big Nuts" Beavers (see Part I and Part II for background).

There is simply too much that his horrible about this bill for me to possibly cover it all. But here are a few more absurdities, in no particular order:

To register a gun, the person registering must have "vision better than or equal to that required to obtain a valid driver's license under the standards established by the Illinois Vehicle Code of the State of Illinois, as amended"--no word on whether or not a vision screening is part of the registration process.

The registration application must include "Two photographs of the applicant taken within 30 days immediately prior to the date of filing the application equivalent to passport size showing the full face, head and shoulders of the applicant in a clear and distinguishing manner"

When necessary to establish the identity of any applicant or registrant, such applicant or registrant shall be required to submit to fingerprinting in accordance with procedures and regulations prescribed by the Sheriff. Why do I have the sneaky suspicion that fingerprints will always be considered "necessary"?

The above applies for each firearm, by the way, and the term of the registration is only one year, with the entire process repeated for renewal. Missing renewal once makes the firearm "unregisterable."

Registration fees for firearms shall be as follows:

1 firearm . . . $20.00

2--10 firearms . . . $25.00

More than ten firearms . . . $35.00

It will be illegal to own any ammunition that cannot be used in any gun you have registered.

Laser sights are banned, county-wide.

If caught with an unregisterd gun (or a laser sight) in your car, the car is subject to seizure.

Etc., etc.
Some of this, I have to believe, will not pass muster when (inevitably) challenged in court, and I think the board knows this. I think they're just throwing everything they can think of at us, and seeing what sticks.

Fighting it, though, will be expensive, and tie up a huge amount of ISRA's resources. And when any one provision of the law is struck down, its loss doesn't affect the rest, because of this:
If any provision or term of this Division, or any application thereof, is held invalid, the invalidity shall not affect other applications of the provisions or terms of this Division which reasonably can be given effect without the invalid provision or term for the application thereof.
In the meantime, any confiscated firearms are destroyed, so even if they were confiscated on grounds that are later overturned, that gun is gone forever.

Days of Our Trailers has more--pay special attention to the following:
So, along w/ Commissioner Suffredin's attempt to ban all gun shops, are "authorized journalists" from ABC complicit in this to stir up support?
Cook County says there is no Second Amendment. I say it's time they find out how wrong they are.

Oh--almost forgot. Few, if any, of these restrictions apply to police officers--so the only people with guns will be the criminals who ignore the law . . . and Chicago's finest:
$20 million police brutality settlement advances in Chicago City Hall
Sergeant convicted of rape
City settles with family of paralyzed man . . . to name but a few (but all those shootings are justified, right?).


me said...

is that corrected or uncorrected vision? Sounds like this could run afoul (amongst the many other things) of the ADA, no?

laser sights? give me a damn break. without a gun it's a cat toy.

restrictions never apply to only ones. I've said it before, but we need to clean up the corruption. It's time to start pushing for some serious laws on the only ones.