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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brady II redux?

Yesterday, Sebastian (Snowflakes in Hell) pointed out that Paul Helmke's objection to the legality of someone buying "multiple boxes" of ammunition sounds a whole lot like a call for the "arsenal licensing" provision of Brady II.

As it turns out, my topic yesterday dealt with the same Helmke blog post, although my concern was Helmke's apparent wish to outlaw rifles that can fire ammunition that can defeat police soft body armor (which is not designed to hold up to rifle fire).

That sounded like another provision from Brady II, but a look at the actual text of the bill does not seem to bear that out--although the kinds of ammunition that would be banned is certainly worth a look

1 ‘‘(34) The term ‘nonsporting ammunition’ means—
2 ‘‘(A) any of the ammunition, or types, replicas,
3 or duplicates of the ammunition known as—
4 ‘‘(i) Dragon’s Breath; or
5 ‘‘(ii) .50 caliber BMG;
6 ‘‘(B) any ammunition that contains an incendi-
7 ary or explosive charge;
8 ‘‘(C) any handgun ammunition measuring more
9 than .45 inches in diameter; or
10 ‘‘(D) any handgun ammunition that produces a
11 force at the muzzle in excess of 1,200 foot pounds.
Outlaw ammo for my .500 S&W Magnum, would you? Cold. Dead. Fingers.

I think I had confused Brady II with Ted Kennedy's attempt to amend the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act in such a way that it would ban such low-powered rifle rounds as the .30-30. Really, it would seem that Helmke is advocating that (which is actually worse than the ammo restrictions from Brady II).

Brady II was introduced in 1994, the height (or depth, to my way of thinking) of the citizen disarmament anti-rights movement--and it still went nowhere. We "People of the Gun" are better organized (thanks, in large part to the wake-up call coming from the other side's "successes" of the early '90's) now, and the gun rights movement is doing rather well in most of the country (and District of Columbia v. Heller could dramatically accelerate that progress). It would seem that Helmke needs to buy a ticket for a ride back to reality. But I'm not convinced he wants one.


Gun Trash said...

The gun grabbers are alway lurking and always trying to slip one by us. That's why yYou can never let your guard down.

The way I do is with the GOA's email list (you don't have to join) as they are always on the alert for any Bravo Sierra the leftist politicians may try to pull.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Certainly it's good to be on all such mailing lists (I'm a GOA life member). Be sure to check the Keep and Bear Arms website daily, as well. You can get email alerts from the Second Amendment Foundation without being a member (although I'm a life member there, as well).