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Friday, December 28, 2007

Obsessive little tumor of hate, isn't he?

This has already been well covered at War on Guns, SayUncle, Days of Our Trailers, Sharp as a Marble, and Snowflakes in Hell (Sharp as a Marble presents some especially compelling evidence), but I'm not willing to be left out of the fun, so here goes. [UPDATE: Walls of the City has more--The Real Gun Guys, as well.]

Several weeks ago, this blog and several others (all gun rights blogs) were plagued by an especially malignant little troll--sometimes using no name at all (prompting me to call him "Mr. Bravely Anonymous," which seemed to annoy him), and sometimes under the name "NRAFOUREVER." Here are the two comments he left here at Armed and Safe (I deleted them, which I would never do just to stifle an argument, but did so because of their extreme, vitriolic offensiveness)--the links only show a deleted post, but I archived them--for "posterity".

Exhibit A:

Yeah, "not much to add" is right.

But do scoop your little pile of shit on to the steaming mountain of it your rifle-humping butt buddies have built.

I bet you came in your pants when the Assault Weapons Ban expired, didn't you? Just THINKING about getting a new assault rifle barrel up the poophole had you cream-cream-creaming your 1980s bleached jeans.

Your blog is shit, Bubba.

When are you going on YOUR mall rampage?
And exhibit B:
Yeah, "public safety" ain't all it's cracked up to be. After all, it's mostly just little dark-skinned kids dying in the inner cities anyway, heh, Herr Himmler?

You've done went and jammed your rifle too far up your ass, Jethro, and it's punctured that very small bunch of nerve cells in your head that, in later and more advanced primates, became a brain.
Both of these comments came from the following IP address:, if you look at what Sharp as a Marble has to say about this, is the same IP address from which "NRAFOUREVER" launched his invective.

That IP address, by the way, traces back to Lewisburg, PA, home of Bucknell University, at which Professor Alexander Tristan Riley (recently appointed Ceasefire PA board member) teaches.

Alexander Tristan Riley recently ran a blog (but does no longer) dedicated solely to libeling Dr. Mike Adams--the blog was called Mike S. Adams is Vermin (catchy, isn't it?). That blog was recently scrubbed clean, but for now can still be found here. Basically, he started that blog on December 20th, and by the end of the day on the 21st, had 10 blog posts, totaling over twenty-two pages of vitriol aimed at Dr. Adams--that's what I mean by obsessive.

Now, back to "NRAFOUREVER." He had a YouTube account (go to the War on Guns link at the beginning of this post to read about that), and also ran a "parody" blog (the last page of which is cached--for now--here), called "Guns Makes Us Free." Interestingly, that blog was shut down on the same day that the "Mike S. Adams is Vermin" blog was. I don't want to say that he's running from the light like a cockroach, in order to maintain the kind of respectability one would hope Ceasefire PA would demand, but . . . (OK, maybe that is what I want to say).

Admittedly, my fellow gun rights bloggers and I have no proof that the disgustingly bigoted sentiments expressed by "NRAFOUREVER" can be traced back to Professor Riley. There's a saying, though: "If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck . . . "

Anyone who thinks Ceasefire PA ought to look more closely at the quackings of their recently acquired board member might drop them a line.