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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Light 'em up, folks

In my typical last-minute fashion, I am joining War on Guns in asking readers to contact CNN. The idea is to get lots of emails lobbying for a certain question to be asked in tomorrow's Republican CNN/YouTube debate (in which viewers submit questions, via YouTube video segments, to be asked of Republican presidential candidates at tomorrow's debate in St. Petersburg, Florida).

The question in, well . . . question? Tom Gresham and Clint Smith ask the candidates what three gun laws they (the candidates) would repeal first.

As Gresham points out, just about all the candidates claim to support the Second Amendment. We, of course, know better, but since Second Amendment issues are so far off the radar screens of so many potential voters, candidates are unlikely to be seriously challenged on this claim.

Since, as Gresham also points out, numerous studies have not been able to determine that any benefit (in terms of violence reduction) has been derived from any gun legislation, it would seem that a candidate who "supports the Second Amendment" could find three gun laws (of the well over 20,000 on the books) that could be safely dispensed with. Certainly, a politician who really "supports the Second Amendment" would be able to do so (the trick would narrowing the choices down to three).

CNN needs to hear from us--it wouldn't hurt to remind them that with SCOTUS agreeing to hear District of Columbia v. Heller, the issue of gun rights is gaining prominence in the presidential race.

Maybe we can help it gain a little more.