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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Commies for 'Snuffy' Pfleger-style citizen disarmament

It has been awhile since I've discussed Father "Snuffy" Pfleger, but this article singing his praises for his efforts to disarm peaceable citizens is too much to pass up.

CHICAGO — Turning grief and shock to anger and action, nearly 1,000 Chicago public high school students, including teachers, administrators, parents, religious leaders and elected officials rallied here April 1 against the crisis of gun violence plaguing the city. The rally was called in response to the 21st shooting death of a public school student this school year.

“Stop the killing. Pass gun laws!” exhorted Father Michael Pfleger, pastor at St. Sabina Church, as he read a list of the state legislators who have refused to support statewide gun control laws.
Reading a list of legislators who refuse to support his agenda certainly sounds a lot like attempting to influence legislation--I seem to remember someone pointing out that a church, as a non-profit, tax-free institution, isn't supposed to do that. I guess Americans for Separation of Church and State still hasn't found time to look into it--who knew they would be so busy?
“No child is safe while guns are accessible in the streets across the city. We need young people to stand up and say enough is enough. We need young people to take the lead. This is a national emergency. We need our voices to be heard over the special interests and the National Rifle Association,” he said.
"A national emergency"--I guess he's not planning to content himself with disarming Illinoisans only.
Pfleger called for legislation including a measure introduced by State Rep. Harry Osterman, a Chicago Democrat, that would require gun purchasers to have an ID card, limit purchasing to one gun per month, reinstate an assault weapons ban, require universal background checks and make gun crime data public.
Require gun purchasers to have an ID card? You mean like the FOID card, that has been required for gun and ammo purchases in Illinois since 1968 (and a marvelous job that bit of Constitution-mangling has done at thwarting violence in Chicago)?

Then, the article's author does a bit of editorializing.
A thousand persons die each day globally as a result of gun violence, including 80 in the United States. There are 640 million guns in the world and 8 million new ones are manufactured each year. Guns kill, wound or disable about 1 million people a year.

A big battle remains to place some curbs on the multi-billion-dollar gun industry. Sturm, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Sigarms, Bryco, Remington and Mossberg are among the largest U.S. handgun manufacturers. They and their front group, the National Rifle Association, have adamantly resisted any form of gun control, and wink at the vast illegal and underground trade in weapons. Any other industry whose product caused so much death and destruction would have been regulated or shut down years ago.
Remington and Mossberg among largest U.S. manufacturers of handguns, eh? That's certainly news to me.

About the paper in which this article appeared--it's called the People's Weekly World, and they have all kinds of . . . interesting ideas about how to make America a better place:
The PWW is known for its partisan coverage. We take sides — for truth and justice. We are partisan to the working class, racially and nationally oppressed peoples, women, youth, seniors, international solidarity, Marxism and socialism. We enjoy a special relationship with the Communist Party USA, founded in 1919, and publish its news and views.
Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, and now the commies--Snuffy certainly knows how to pick his friends, doesn't he?

War on Guns has more, including some catchy, relevant song lyrics from the commies.

Also, RicketyClick has a video of Snuffy and Mayor Daley rabidly screeching for state-mandated defenselessness.


DJMooreTX said...

I linked to your fine bit of rock-turning here.

Here's video of Mr. Daley speaking at one of Snuffy's little shows, complete with pleas for "reasonable" gun control that already exists.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Thanks for the link, DJ, and for the video clip--I'll be adding you to the blogroll in just a minute.

the pistolero said...

I know this is but a nitpick, still, though, I think it's a bit of a reach to mention Bryco in the same breath as Ruger, S&W and Sigarms. I mean, how many Bryco .25s could one buy for the price of ONE Sig P220?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yeah--I noticed that about Bryco, too. I let it slide to deal with the larger problems.

Pois said...

It's a tell-tale sign that anti-gun laws come from Nazi lawmen: