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Friday, April 11, 2008

A Nutter's version of American patriotism

I wasn't planning to write about the Philadelphia city government's decision to become a criminal organization (by illegally enacting "laws" that are not within its power to enact), but Mayor Nutter's (is that an appropriate name, or what?) statements in this article are too offensive to go unchallenged.

Mayor Nutter likened himself and City Council members yesterday to the band of rebels who formed this country as he signed five new gun-control laws that defy the state legislature and legal precedent.

"Almost 232 years ago, a group of concerned Americans took matters in their own hands and did what they needed to do by declaring that the time had come for a change," Nutter said as he signed the bills in front of a table of confiscated weapons outside the police evidence room in City Hall.
Don't you dare, Nutter. Don't you dare compare yourself, and your attacks on the freedoms that built this country, to the men who secured those freedoms for us.

For those who have not been following this story, and are in need of some background, Sebastian (a PA resident), at Snowflakes in Hell, has been covering it extensively--start here, then read this.

The (extremely) short version is that the Philadelphia City Council passed, and Mayor Nutter signed (and ordered immediate enforcement of) five citizen disarmament laws, despite the fact that Pennsylvania's state constitution specifically reserves the power to pass such laws to the state (not that any gun laws passed at the state or national level are Constitutional, either, but that's another topic).

This, by the way, isn't the first time the City Council has passed such laws, but last year was apparently just a shot across the bow, and the "laws" were never actually implemented--not so this time.

Back to the present:
The five laws - called everything from unconstitutional to criminal by critics - do the following:

Limit handgun purchases to one a month.

Require lost or stolen firearms to be reported to police within 24 hours.

Prohibit individuals under protection-from-abuse orders from possessing guns if ordered by the court.

Allow removal of firearms from "persons posing a risk of imminent personal injury" to themselves or others.

Outlaw the possession and sale of certain assault weapons.
I've not seen Philadelphia's definition of "assault weapon," but according to SiH, it's so broad that even a Ruger 10/22 with a ported barrel is an illegal "assault weapon." By the way, I'm not sure what " . . . everything from unconstitutional to criminal . . . " means--I thought unconstitutional was criminal.

The article ends with another Nutter gem:
"If we all sat around bemoaning what the law was on a regular basis," Nutter said. "I'd probably still be picking cotton somewhere as opposed to being mayor of the city of Philadelphia."
"Still be picking cotton," Nutter? When have you ever done that? That chapter of your life certainly seems to have escaped the attention of the author(s) of your Wikipedia entry.

It seems to me that Nutter fancies himself as the one to be putting folks in chains.

War on Guns has more.


Oswald said...

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Thirdpower said...

It's interesting to note that were his tactics still used, he wouldn't be allowed to vote etc.

Anonymous said...

Well done indeed Sir! epp up the fine work 45Superman.Lets see if the State legislature responds

Anonymous said...

*keep,not epp(flogs my erring fingers)

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Oswald and Elle, thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to me.

Third, I wish I'd thought of saying that.

Anonymous said...

Nutter and the City Council have committed several crimes. Any police officers participating in the enforcement of those ordinances will be committing crime.

Where are the State Police and the Attorney General with the arrest warrants?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Where are the State Police and the Attorney General with the arrest warrants?

I don't know anything about Pennsylvania's AG's position on gun rights (and I'm similarly unaware of where the director of the PA State Police stands on the issue), but Governor Rendell is obviously a citizen disarmament advocate, so I wouldn't count on much from the state.

Anonymous said...

I don't either, because the pragmatists in the gunowner community will not pressure them to do the jobs they took an oath to do.

Their personal beliefs on the issue of guns has legitimate standing in whether they follow the law or not.

But recall and public outcry might.

Anonymous said...

That should read ".....has NO legitimate standing...."

This particular issue is not about guns. It is about law and its equal application.

Does anybody really think those arrest warrants wouldn't be forthcoming if Nutter anounced he would order his police to stop anyone from voting in the upcoming election if they weren't inclined to vote his personal preferences.

That is what we are talking about here. Not guns.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Their personal beliefs on the issue of guns has [no] legitimate standing in whether they follow the law or not.

That is certainly correct, but--legitimately or not--it will have an effect on how politician's behave, the law notwithstanding. You are also 100% correct that such behavior is what we deserve, for our unwillingness to do anything about it.

me said...

OK, so what's to be done? Seal off Philly and let a "controlled burn" take place? A mind of medieval siege? What other options do you have when they control the law and clearly show no desire to remain within it or obey it?

Honestly, in the PC pussy world we have these guys will get away with it. The state boys won't do shit. The cops will go along with it to keep their jobs. Even if they go to court the scumbags who passed these "laws" face no serious threat. They have enough morons clamoring for more of this shit that they're safe.

Honestly, what can you do? The powers that be don't want us to be armed. Even if every single gun owner in PA demanded they be arrested and held accountable for this they'll walk.

opaww said...


At this link I posted a recap and my email to nutter, I did not want to post it here sense it is a little long

Michael Vitsek said...

If Nutter is allowed to pass even relatively minor firearms restrictions in defiance of state law, then what stops other municipalities from passing their own illegal laws... say, the reintroduction of Jim Crow?

Some people would like to see the state of PA, and the country, descend into such divisiveness. Is Nutter friends with them, or is he just serving his own short-sighted interests?

Incidentally... I notice that the articles in the Inky and elsewhere that support Nutter don't seem to mention the new law I find most offensive, which allows the city to take away guns from people who are UNDER A PROTECTION ORDER.

What the hell's up with that one Nutter? Trying to court the stalker and abusive ex-husband vote?