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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When gun-grabbers collide

Few things warm my heart like seeing citizen disarmament advocates dumping on each other's plans.

Virginia Tech said yesterday that it will not allow a national gun-control advocacy group to hold a campus demonstration on April 16 while the school commemorates last year's massacre.

Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said neither the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence nor the co-sponsor of the planned demonstration, ProtestEasyGuns.com, had applied for an assembly permit, and even if they had, Tech only issues permits to student groups.

Tech's position threw the Brady Campaign's plans into disarray yesterday: The noon demonstration at Tech was supposed to be the centerpiece of a nationwide series of events on April 16 in more than 70 cities and towns.
An interesting question would be why Hincker is blocking the Brady Bunch's plans--he certainly seems to share their agenda. Perhaps he simply does not wish to be reminded of his own culpability.


Anonymous said...

I guarantee you I know why he won't allow their little demonstration.

Because he knows that if he allows them, he'd have to allow us...and he knows we'd be there...and he knows we'd outnumber them...and he knows it would make them look bad.

He's absolutely right to do what he did...it would be a travesty to the victims and their families to allow a memorial to become a political rally.

But that's not why he's not allowing it. He's not averse to the political rally aspect, only to the fact that it would open the campus up to opposing viewpoints and that he WILL NOT have.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Sailor, I think you nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Considering that Hincker is an accessory to mass murder, he can't afford to be exposed by the opposing view.