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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why don't you just steal them again, Mayor?

New Orleans Mayor Nagin is lobbying the Louisiana legislature to ban so-called "assault weapons" (in excerpts from the article, the odd substitution of question marks where quotation marks and apostrophes should be is apparently the result of some kind of cyber-flatulence in the original article).

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin kicked off a series of closed-door sessions in Baton Rouge to encourage state legislators to breathe life into the city�s health care infrastructure, curb access to assault weapons and ignite economic development.
But I thought the mayor liked "assault weapons"--he certainly seems to be having a good time here.

Oops--I suppose those are "patrol rifles," rather than "assault weapons"--my mistake.

Anyway, as I asked in the title, if Nagin doesn't like people having these firearms, why doesn't he just steal them (at gunpoint) again? Oops--my mistake again--that mean old Louisiana legislature says he can't do that anymore (although if laws were much of a deterrent, one might think that the Constitution would have stopped him before).

This part of the article caught my eye:
To tackle the issue of assault weapons, Mayor Nagin wants to team-up with Rep. Richmond and the National Rifle Association to lay out a �workable compromise.� The NRA has been a formidable opponent against any proposed state gun laws.
My first thought was to wonder what the good mayor has been smoking, but on second thought, if Carolyn "What's a barrel shroud?" McCarthy and Paul "Have I mentioned I was mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana?" Helmke can sweet-talk the NRA into a "compromise," why can't Nagin?


opaww said...

Wasn't New Orleans Mayor Nagin The one the news crew cought in the store looting stuff During Katrina? Sure looks like him

45superman said...

I don't think Nagin himself was doing that--I imagine he was far away from New Orleans at that time.

There was, I believe, some footage of New Orleans police officers participating in the looting.

Thirdpower said...

I remember some of the footage. There were two female officers walking around a store w/ a cart full of shoes and other items. When they noticed the camera on them, they left the cart and started acting "official".

45superman said...

That sounds familiar, Third--that was at a Wal-Mart, wasn't it?

J said...

Nevermind the fact that I'm a gun owner and enthusiast... As a someone that used to live quite close to New Orleans, and who still has family there, I'd just LOVE to see him fall in Lake Ponchatrain and get eaten by a shark.

Slowly. Small bite by small bite.

Please note that I am not openly advocating anything. So don't you lake-sharks get any ideas. :)

the texan said...

Sure looked like Nagin looting that store to me too. Could' swore I saw Jessie and Al there too.

Crotalus said...

Yeah, I always thought that was a whole bunch'a magic that those dreaded "assault weapons" in the hands of we mere mortals transformed into an innocuous "patrol rifle" in the hands of the heroic cops!