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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The ICE Men Cometh?

Apparently the BATFE's "Project Gunrunner" isn't enough--now we have Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and their "Operation 'Armas Cruzadas'" enforcing gun laws. I guess they're having so much success in stopping illegal immigration that they need some new missions to occupy their time and other resources.

A multi-agency task force led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement seized 10 weapons over the weekend, including a Serbu .50-caliber sniper rifle, authorities said.

It was part of Operation "Armas Cruzadas," an ongoing ICE initiative targeting cross-border weapons trafficking.

The sniper rifle was seized by ICE agents during a traffic stop Saturday in East Tucson. Intelligence gathered during the ongoing investigation indicates the weapon was going to be smuggled into Mexico, authorities said.
"During a traffic stop"? They're enforcing the rules of the road, as well? They certainly wear a lot of hats, don't they?

Speaking of hats, and working with the BATFE, maybe their new pals can hook them up with some of this snazzy headgear:


Anonymous said...

The only hat they don't wear is the only one they're supposed to wear.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I've edited the post to add a picture of the headgear I think they ought to wear.

Don said...

I'm getting a little sick of ignorant gun owners bashing that brave agent. Can you people not see that, in that photo, she has recently had her hair did? You think that's cheap? Have a heart.

Seriously, the ICE guys were probably called in a stop where illegals were discovered. That's happening more now, and it's only right. It's the crowing over stopping one rifle from crossing the border that makes them look silly.

opaww said...

The reason she does not have the proper hat is because she missed her turn to loot the store in NO durring Katrina, like some of the other LEA's did.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Seriously, the ICE guys were probably called in a stop where illegals were discovered. That's happening more now, and it's only right.

You're probably right, but if I see 'em wearing zebra shirts and tossing yellow flags around at NFL games, I'm going to say "told ya' so" ;-).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I bet the gun was sold in the US too. Bwaaahahahaha!!!

$3.5 mil would be plenty to make the federales look the other way down on the protected southern border (the mexican one)

Also, WHY the hell is the US enforcing Mexico's laws for them? Are we the same country that built (or at least designed) the liberator pistol with the intention of arming the resistance in France? Aren't we the big bad guys who like to "spread democracy" and aid those fighting corrupt governments. I guess harmonizing the continents "laws" have precedence over fundamental human rights.

fuckin bullshit!

-hairy hobbit too lazy to sign in right now