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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today is the day; citizen disarmament on the move in Illinois

ISRA and the NRA agree that the citizen disarmament extremists will make their move today--apparently they want to mark the anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre by disarming an entire state full of new potential victims with laws that would have done nothing to stop the kind of beast who committed that atrocity.

The bills they will most likely try to pass are HB 758 (a virtual ban of private handgun sales) and SB 1007 (a ban of standard, non-reduced capacity magazines). They may also try to pass HB 4357, which would ban a huge array of so-called "assault weapons," .50 caliber rifles (and ammunition), and standard capacity magazines. SB 1007 is especially threatening, because it has already passed in the Senate (last spring), so passage in the House is the last hurdle it faces before going to Governor Blagojevich for his certain signature (the only hope then would be that he seriously sprain something in his gleeful, mad dash to sign it).

My friends at Illinois Carry and I have compiled a list of representatives who might vote either way on these bills, and need to hear from the pro-liberty crowd:

Representative Suzanne Bassi (R-47th District)
(217) 782-8026
(217) 782-5257 FAX;

Representative Patricia Bellock (R-54th District)
(217) 782-2289 FAX;

Representative Bob Biggins (R-41st District)
(217) 782-6578
(217) 782-5257 FAX;

Representative Sandy Cole (R-62nd District)
(217) 782-7320
(217) 782-1275 FAX;

Representative Joe Dunn (R-96th District)
(217) 782-6507
(217) 782-5257 FAX

Representative Mike Fortner (R-95th District)
(217) 782-1653
(no Springfield FAX listed);

Representative Paul Froelich (D-56th District)
(217) 782-3725
(217) 557-6271 FAX;

Representative Charles Jefferson (D-67th District)
(217) 782-3167
(217) 557-7654 FAX;

Representative Michael Madigan (D-22nd District; Speaker of the House)
(217) 782-5350
(217) 524-1794 FAX;

Representative Sidney Mathias (R-53rd District)
(217) 782-1664
(217) 782-1275 FAX;

Representative James H. Meyer (R-48th District)
(217) 782-8028
(217) 557-0571 FAX

Representative Ruth Munson (R-43rd District)
(217) 782-8020
(no Springfield FAX listed);

Representative Sandra Pihos (R-42nd District)
(217) 782-8037
(217) 558-1072 FAX;

Representative Harry Ramey (R-55th District)
(217) 558-1037
(217) 782-5257 FAX

Representative Ed Sullivan Jr. (R-51st District)
(217) 782-3696
(217) 782-1275 FAX
This is for all the marbles, Illinois gun owners--if you don't step up to the plate today, I don't want to hear about your lost freedom--you should know whom to blame. The Illinois House meets at 10--start early.

UPDATE: HB 758 failed by two votes (58-58)! Don't know yet if HB 4357 and/or SB 1007 will come up today or not, but for now, Illinois gun owners can pat themselves on the back.