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Thursday, June 17, 2010

GRE Round Up, Jun. 17

Here are the latest Gun Rights Examiner posts:

Paul Valone/Charlotte:
NRA sellout on HR 5175 creates national maelstrom

Call NRA officers listed below to express your outrage at having a gun rights organization betray gun owners’...
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Liston Matthews/Knoxville:
Others are discussing the NRA endorsement of Harry Reid and John McCain, and NRA's support of a gag bill in the...
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John Longenecker/Los Angeles:
I'm looking over the editorials castigating gun owners and I'm seeing a trend for some time. I've put this off long...
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David Codrea/National:
On Tuesday, we talked about an exemption being carved out for NRA on a campaign finance bill. This has kicked over a hornet's nest in the "pro-gun" community...
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Dave Workman/Seattle:
In the 48 hours since an apparent “deal” was struck between Congressional Democrats and the National...
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