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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mayor Daley channels Ozzy Osbourne in defending Chicago's handgun ban

To Mayor Ozzy er, I mean . . . Daley, the trigger-puller doesn't even enter into the picture--it's "the guns that shot people," as if they got up, entirely of their own malignant will, pointed themselves at their helpless victims, and pulled their own triggers.

And those nasty guns had a busy weekend, too: [More]
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Anonymous said...

T.J. Said says:
Mayor Daley has exposed the Great Logic of the outlandishly born parasite. The following Quote says:

"As Ozzy Osbourne once said in an interview with the New York Times: 'I keep hearing this [expletive] thing that guns don't kill people, but people kill people. If that's the case, why do we give people guns when they go to war? Why not just send the people?'"

Just reverse the same logic.

If the government prohibits you the use of firearms, and a criminal invades your home, motor vehicle or offices space to kill you, your family, coworkers or consumers and you do not have the means to resist the attack, you have indeed been sent into battle without any guns. Can you just imagine what the inevitable outcome of that battle will be?

“It probably will not be a good outcome for the Home team.”
June 24, 8:23 PM