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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GRE Round Up, Jun. 23

Here's the latest from my Gun Rights Examiner colleagues:

Dan Bidstrup/Denver:
Second amendment freedom ridersWhen I wrote my last column, I thought the controversy would be over the comparison to the civil rights activists, not who would get shot at first....
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Sean McClanahan/Des Moines:
While much of the attention in Iowa politics is on the Branstad vs. Culver race for Governor, there is another race that is even more important to...
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By now, it's no secret that the 2010 Iowa legislative session changed the landscape for the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons. As of January 1, 2011,...

Steve D. Jones/Fort Smith:
Related articles: Legal home invasion in Barling, Arkansas Home invasion; cop or not? Home invasions are rapidly becoming a serious...

David Codrea/National:
Panel divided on keeping all remaining jailed Hutaree behind bars

An appeals court has reversed a lower court ruling to free all Hutaree militia members pending trial.
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Dave Workman/Seattle:
‘Disclose Act’ leaps back to life as desperate Dems scramble for votes
Various published reports and sources in the Capitol say that the embattled “Disclose Act” – H.R....
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