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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GRE Round Up, Jun. 30

Here's the latest from my Gun Rights Examiner colleagues:

Ed Stone/Atlanta:
Filibuster Kagan!

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan should be filibustered. We have learned a lot more about Elena Kagan and her...
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Anthony Bouchard/Cheyenne:
The Disclose Act goes against the one thing Wyomingites cherish even more than guns, PRIVACY. Aside from that, letting the political elite decide how...

Mike Stollenwerk/DC:
Last March experts were lauding Starbucks for its best business practice of accepting legal customer gun carry. Subsequently the Brady Campaign...

Sean McClanahan/Des Moines:
As Iowa transitions to a “Shall Issue” system of issuing the Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons, one area of concern is local preemption. In...
Elena Kagan, President Obama's most recent appointee to the United States Supreme Court, is currently testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee...

David Codrea/National:
NRA's Cox calls RedState report 'a lie'

The head of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action denies that NRA has prohibited its directors from testifying during the Kagan hearings. Appearing on NRA's "Cam and Company" program...
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Dave Workman/Seattle:
Post-McDonald: Anti-gunners clearly will push the limit

It hasn’t taken long for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to make clear his intentions to push the limit on how...
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Chris Woodard/Tucson:
Dear Justice Sotomayor, May I humbly pose a question? Can a Supreme Court Justice be impeached? The...
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The NRA is just one among several gun rights groups that are hailing McDonald as a landmark decision. Lets just...
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