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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GRE Round Up, Jun. 22

Here's what's happened since last time:

Howard Nemerov/Austin:

This coming Saturday, June 26, from 6-8 PM, the Bastrop County TEA Party hosts an event on the Bastrop County Courthouse lawn. Texas Railroad...

The Associated Press reports that a shooting occurred yesterday at the Del Taco restaurant in San Bernardino,...
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Paul Valone/Charlotte:
‘DISCLOSE Act’ maelstrom leads Speaker Pelosi to stall vote on bill: Redouble your efforts to kill HR...
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Dan Bidstrup/Denver:
Bravo to those who open carry their weapons

Those who choose to carry their weapons openly are making a statement every time they step out their door. It forces everyone who sees them to...

Steve D. Jones/Fort Smith:
Related articles: Attorney General opinion in opposition of right to keep and bear arms Open carry now legal in Buffalo River National Park? Message...
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On this Father’s day, my thoughts are full of memories of my late father, a man who had strong convictions of right and wrong, a man who never...

Liston Matthews/Knoxville:
RouXBarbecue - bring your money, leave your gun

Yesterday afternoon, in celebration of Father's Day, my wife asked what I would like for dinner? Being a...
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To the tune of Popeye the Sailor Man -- You're in the Navy now, You're in the Navy now, With a Nuke you can be...
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John Longenecker/Los Angeles:
Many, many Americans think of liberty purists as Good Will Ambassadors of the Bill Of Rights. We are. The...
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David Codrea/National:
Anti-gun assembly member travels with armed security escort

Oakland's KTVU.com has posted a video of an open carry debate hosted by the Commonwealth Club in the East Bay city of Lafayette.
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Pizza Hut gun policy change reflects larger societal attitude

"The company that owns most of Southern Arizona's Pizza Huts has reversed policy and is allowing customers to carry firearms...
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Perdue gun bill actions show danger of mistaking sport shooters for Second Amendment supporters

"Gov. Sonny Perdue hit the bull's eye by signing one gun bill and vetoing another," The Times-Herald...
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Dave Workman/Seattle:
Seattle’s Belltown (“Helltown?”) neighborhood has a problem, but not the kind that can be solved...
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Much has been made of efforts to reintroduce wolves and grizzly bears into areas where they have all but vanished...
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Chris Woodard/Tucson:
Well now, The Feds are going to sue Arizona. But instead of Constitutional grounds, it appears the Justice...
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