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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cook County attempts to impose its corrupt will upon the entire state of Illinois

I normally try to stick with issues of nationwide interest, but today I'm going to indulge my frustrations as a gun rights activist who lives in Illinois. Things are already bad enough here, being one of only two states with no provision for concealed carry; a state that requires a state issued permit for every gun purchase, and even every ammo purchase; a state with "home rule," allowing municipalities to impose even more insanely draconian restrictions than the state does; a state that, contrary to federal law, records every gun purchase in a permanent database (I still don't know how they get away with that); etc.

Now, to the glee of the Brady Bunch and the Gun Guys, Cook County is presuming to tell the entire state that it must ban so-called "assault weapons," along with .50 caliber rifles (presumably because .50 caliber rifles may, some day, actually be used to kill someone in the United States).

I live a long way from Cook County (thankfully--a more corrupt, crime ridden sewer of a county does not exist in Illinois), so I'm really not affected by what they do there, but the arrogance of their telling the entire state to accomodate their irrational phobias is unconscionable.

Keep your civilian disarmament laws to yourself, Cook County--let the rest of the state keep what's left in Illinois of the Bill of Rights.