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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gun Guys criticize wounded, heroic Secret Service agent for shooting back

You just have to love this gem from the Gun Guys. In it, they talk about an incident in a Maryland shopping mall, in which a Secret Service agent tried to break up a fight (more a beating than a fight, really--a bunch of folks had all ganged up on one kid, and were thrashing the hell out of him) involving a bunch of high school aged kids. The agent, who was off duty and shopping with his family, tried to break up the fight.

To this point, the Gun Guys "have no issue" with the agent's attempt to stop the fight (how generous of them to show such forbearance). Then, however, one of the miscreants pulled a gun, and started shooting, wounding the agent. The agent, understandably, drew his own weapon and fired back. Well, I think it's understandable, anyway--the Gun Guys' ability to understand things is apparently somewhat different.

But he [the agent] did the wrong thing in pulling a firearm . . .
So . . . let me get this straight--a Secret Service agent, with the superb pistol shooting skills that are a part of his job, is not supposed to fire back when some gangster wannabe clown shoots him (while shooting into a crowd), but is instead supposed to . . . just die, I guess. Keep in mind, according to this article, he didn't even draw until he was shot.
The agent was wounded. After he was shot, he drew his service handgun and returned fire, wounding the gunman.
Sounds like pretty superb police work, to me.

The brave agent and the genius of a shooter were both hospitalized with wounds that were described as "not life threatening." A third person was shot in the leg, but the wound was superficial enough that he was treated and released that night. I think it is clear, to anyone but the Gun Guys, (these folks apparently agree with me) that this courageous Secret Service agent--and his gun--saved lives that night. Since he used a gun to do it, the Gun Guys don't like it.