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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Self-defense gaining ground in the public consciousness

I only today learned of the (fairly) new TV show, Personal Defense TV, on The Outdoor Channel. Apparently, this show is the work of Guns & Ammo magazine. I have not yet had a chance to see it, but I am definitely pleased with the development. Considering some of the names involved (like Massad Ayoob, Clint Smith, and others), there is certainly a great deal of knowledge to be gleaned from the program.

The larger issue, as far as I am concerned, is that the existence of such a program shows how far our society has come in realizing that each of us is responsible for our own safety, as is clearly illustrated by the fact that the courts have ruled over and over again that the police are under no obligation to protect individual citizens.

People in ever growing numbers are waking up to the fact that in a dangerous world, having a firearm handy for protection, and being proficient in its use and knowledgeable about the applicable laws just makes good common sense. This can only make our society safer.

With Ayoob's presence on the show, I have little doubt that along with the nuts and bolts of self-defense, a great deal of attention will be paid to how to avoid ever needing to shoot in the first place. It is perhaps unrealistic to hope that this program will be seen by some of those who are adamantly opposed to legally armed law-abiding citizens. That's too bad, because I imagine seeing the program could go a long way toward making clear the fact that those of us who arm ourselves against trouble do not do so out of a desire to kill, but out of a desire to live.