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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Gun Guys' continuing war on gun...ranges?

Yesterday, I mentioned the hissy fit the Gun Guys were throwing over the idea of letting National Guard soldiers train with real ammo (I guess they figure that the troops should figure out how to shoot in the middle of battle).

Well, they're still throwing hissy fits--this time it's over a legally protected shoot on an established private shooting range. Apparently, all this anguish is over the noise (the sound of freedom, as I like to call it) of four hours of shooting on a Saturday late morning and early afternoon.

They quote a township official:

Township officials said they can’t stop the shooting.

"Our hands are tied by the law," Supervisor A.J. Boni said Wednesday.

Hands tied by the law, eh? Well boo hoo--the horrid injustice of requiring even mighty township officials to obey the laws. Perhaps I can be forgiven for my lack of sympathy--I imagine I'm just as sympathetic about their "problem" as they would be about my anger at the endless number of infringements that have been accumulating in our federal codes since 1934, on the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms.

By the way--if people are so worried about the gunfire sounds, perhaps lifting the ridiculous restrictions on suppressors (popularly referred to as "silencers") would be a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Because i have found no way to contact you directly, I am posting this as a comment. Perhaps I'm just not seeing a click on the blog page.

Make note of the fact that I copyrighted the name "Armed and Safe" back in the early 90's, while we were fighting the "It's a Crime, Bill." I have since given permission to ArmedandSafe.com to use the name for commercial purposes.

I hereby give you permission to use the name for your blog, so long as the emphasis of the blog is on legal use of firearms and fighting "gun control."

ec Roberts
Armed and Safe(tm)

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ahh--it was very foolish of me not to make some effort to discover the copyright status of the "Armed and Safe" name. I humbly apologize. I also very greatly appreciate your permission (which I should have sought before starting this blog) to continue to use the name. I pledge that this blog will always be about legal use of firearms, and opposition to civilian disarmament, popularly (but not particularly accurately) referred to as "gun control."

I also need to make it easier to contact me. Again, you have both my apologies and my thanks.