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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Keeping the peace in Idaho--and sending the Gun Guys into yet another hissy fit

Greenleaf, Idaho has gotten more national attention lately than one might expect of a sleepy little town. The attention is due to the fact that residents will be asked to keep firearms and ammunition in their homes as part of a new ordinance (an ordnance ordinance, so to speak). It's not mandatory, so those with religious or philosophical objections to being well equipped for self-defense will not be forced to abandon their defenselessness. Furthermore, gun ownership in Greenleaf is apparently already something around 80%, so even if gun ownership were mandatory, this ordinance would change little.

Still, the Gun Guys were scandalized when the ordinance was proposed, and they're whining even louder now that it has passed. They go so far as to quote a local pastor, who had initially opposed the idea, but I guess they "forgot" to mention that he eventually changed his position and voted for it (the pastor is himself a gun owner, hunter, and shooter).

In true anti-gun bigot tradition, the Gun Guys couldn't resist delivering one of their petty, immature little insults to the people of the town:

. . . or will probably just leave Greenleaf (as there are probably many more reasons than this law not to live there).

A rant from the gun rights deprivation lobby just wouldn't be complete without some pompous, contemptuous urban elitism, would it? I wonder how close they've been to Greenleaf, to have decided that they know enough about the place to be in a position to judge the quality of life there. Ah, well--sticks and stones . . . , as the saying goes.

I don't know how useful such a law will be, but if it upsets the gun haters, it sounds good to me.