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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mayor Bloomberg's war on guns...and trans fats...and cell phones

Today's discussion will be only tangentially related to guns. Still, there is a relationship--Mayor Bloomberg doesn't like armed civilians, so he wants to ban guns; he doesn't like trans fats, so he wants to ban those; he hates cell phones ("Bloomberg, a former CEO who detests cell phone interruptions, once said he fantasizes about stomping repeatedly on the disruptive devices."), so now he's defending a ban on students having those in schools. When the point is brought up that it's very useful for kids to have a way to communicate with their parents on their way to and from school, his response is a shrug (why should he care?).

Notice a common thread? If he doesn't like something, his solution is to ban it. This is a guy who likes power. I guess he had to settle for the lowly office of mayor because the office of God-like Dictator for All of Eternity was unavailable.

There has been some discussion of the possibility of him attempting to expand his power, by leaving the mayor's office, and exchanging it for the White House. If that happens, and if he wins, this country is in for a world of hurt.