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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Gun Guys--bravely fighting the spread of freedom

A few days ago, I talked about how upset the New York Times is about Senator Allen's bid to make Constitutional rights apply even in national parks (gasp!). This time, it's the Gun Guys who are whining like spoiled 2-year-olds about the idea.

Apparently, the part that really bothers the Gun Guys is that the bill makes no distinction between parks in remote wilderness areas, and those in areas with a more urban character (why that should make a difference, they don't really say).

And if that’s not enough, this particular piece of legislation is just plain badly written. For that reason, we’re guessing the NRA wrote it– they just want to allow their guns anywhere, and didn’t even bother making a distinction between urban and rural national parks. [Ed. note: here, the Gun Guys quote the article linked to in their post]
The law does not distinguish between National Park Service properties that are urban in nature (Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia) or remote wilderness (Denali National Park in Alaska).
Again, what's the problem? Concealed firearms are legal (for permit holders) right in downtown Philly--why should the situation change at a park in the Philadelphia area?

If it were up to the Gun Guys and their ideological allies, even the police would be disarmed, and only the military would have weapons. Clearly, the Gun Guys hate the principles on which this great nation was founded.