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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paying the lawyers

Ryan Horsley, of Red's Trading Post, has some good news--the judge presiding over the case brought by the BATFE (not so much a case, really, as a jihad, utterly without merit) has denied the BATFE's request for summary judgment. The BATFE wanted to avoid trial, of course, because trials tend to deal in justice--something from which the BATFE shrinks, as a vampire shrinks from daylight.

That's the good news. The bad news is that trials are expensive, and the legal bills that Red's (and thus Ryan) is facing already add up to $115,000--and now the expensive part begins.

Ryan doesn't enjoy asking for money, and would much prefer to sell you a gun (here's the one I got--crazy, but I like it). Gun Owners Foundation has also set up a legal defense fund.

This isn't charity--this is defending the Second Amendment for all of us.

Along somewhat similar lines, Academics for the Second Amendment could really use some monetary help for the creation of pro-rights briefs in the Heller case. I've mentioned them before, and again, this is money well spent.