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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Teepen keepin' to his citizen disarmament message

I've written about Tom Teepen's anti-liberty leanings before--so has War on Guns. Yesterday, Teepen proved that whatever else one can say about him, he cannot be accused of inconsistency.

In yesterday's screed, he laments that the NRA's support for the NICS "Improvement" (translation: NICS Expansion) Act notwithstanding, gun rights advocacy is not dead.

Even the National Rifle Association, which ordinarily sees a wolf hiding in every common-sense gun proposal, didn't cry its practiced faux alarm this time.
"Faux alarm?" So Representative McCarthy and Senator Schumer aren't working on the "next step" toward citizen disarmament?
And the Bush administration, which had played the key role in putting semi-automatic assault weapons back into civilian circulation, went along.
"Key role?" Because he didn't sign the bill that Congress never passed? I've had just about enough of Bush getting credit for being a champion of gun rights--something rather hard to reconcile with this.
The noisiest reaction to the recent murder of nine in a shooting spree in a Omaha mall denounced the ban many malls have on customers packing heat. If only shoppers had been armed, the complaint went, they could have shot that sorry sucker dead. And collateral damage from a bunch of amateurs blasting away in panic in a crowded mall? Never mind.
First, Tom, is math (by that, I mean counting) not your strong suit (assuming, of course, that you have a strong suit)? I count eight murders, and one (tragically belated) suicide. Second, when you disparage the self-defense efforts of "amateurs," should I take your meaning to be that the only people with the right to defend their lives are the ones being paid to do so?

If you wish to be defenseless and subservient, Tom, that is certainly your prerogative. If you wish to drag the rest of the country down to your pathetic level, expect a fight . . . and I don't think you're ready for a fight.