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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Big Brother looks to get still bigger

Wading through the muck of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website for yesterday's post, I ran across mention of a piece of proposed federal legislation with which I was unfamiliar. I refer to the "Detectives Nemorin and Andrews Anti-Gun Trafficking Act" (second from the top). The mayors list it as "Expected to be introduced," but are apparently a bit slow to update their website, as H.R. 4818 was introduced about three weeks ago.

The sponsor is none other than Armed and Safe favorite Representative Peter King (R-NY), sponsor of the heinous H.R. 2074 (House version of S. 1273--the legislation that would permit the Attorney General to unilaterally block a gun sale by placing the prospective buyer on the grotesquely bloated "terrorist watch list"). King is also a campaign adviser to Rudy "Freedom is about authority" Giuliani.

Looking at the text of H.R. 4818, I see some . . . interesting provisions. Apparently, NICS (a newly expanded NICS, no less) is no longer enough, and King wants to establish a . . .

. . . national instant stolen gun check system that any licensee may contact, by telephone or other electronic means, for information to be supplied immediately on whether a firearm to be received by the licensee is stolen.
Additionally, a licensed firearms dealer cannot receive a gun from a non-licensee without first checking the stolen gun registry and checking the person's Real ID.

With all the pressure to force all gun sales to go through licensed dealers (pressure that will inevitably be stepped up)--pressure such as H.R. 96, which would close the mythical "gun show loophole" by forcing all sales at gun shows to go through licensed dealers, we're looking at multiple new, thick layers of bureaucracy to be hacked through for untold millions of firearms transactions (and the vast cost all of this new bureaucracy would entail).

This is another bill we need to watch, folks.


me said...

Well, I didn't even get THAT far before I see something interesting...

(B) is offered by the person for sale, transfer, or barter to another person who-

Guess they're planning for REAL ID resistance. It comes up again....

Anonymous said...

No, first you get a law requiring all transactions to be through a licensed dealer, then you restrict or make cost prohibitive license dealers.