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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Will 'Maximum Mike' be going north now?

I've talked about efforts to blame "weak U.S. gun laws" for violence in Mexico (and again here). Now it seems that apparently, violence in Canada is also our fault.

With two Toronto bystanders shot dead in one week, the New Democrats are calling for a cross-border political summit to tackle "the ongoing crisis" of illegal handguns crossing into Canada.
Note that the "ongoing crisis" isn't the preponderance of violent thugs in Toronto, but "illegal handguns crossing into Canada."
"We need a cross-border summit," said Layton, "to develop an action plan to stop illegal guns from coming across the border."
Happily, the BATFE just loves "cross-border summits". Let's just give the Canadians some eTrace terminals--if we're going to let the BATFE have a de facto (illegal) gun registry, why not let any country who is interested have access to it?

And let us not forget the dreaded "gun show loophole":
A cross-border summit on gun control should address the loose identity checks at some big gun shows in the U.S., Comartin added, where gun dealers skirt state laws restricting sales to residents of that state. Such gun shows often provide biker gangs with the illegal handguns that end up on Canadian streets, he said.
By the way, the Joe Comartin quoted above is described in the article as an NDP (New Democratic Party) "justice critic"--does that mean that his job is to criticize justice? I suppose that with one who doesn't like justice, it's not too surprising that he's no big fan of liberty, either.