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Monday, January 14, 2008

Put your money where your rights are

As War on Guns notes, there is a group of scholars, Academics for the Second Amendment, who are working hard to assemble compelling arguments for use in District of Columbia v. Heller to support the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms.

The folks doing this are (pun intended) "big guns" of pro-rights scholarship:

David T. Hardy

Clayton Cramer
Joseph E. Olson

Preparing this kind of document isn't cheap, and some monetary help would be much appreciated.

There is clearly no lack of people working hard to maintain the suppression of the right to keep and bear arms in D.C.--and it's clear that the other side has no lack of funds.

As David says:

Wouldn't it be nice if our side prevails to know that you helped make it happen? Wouldn't it be pathetic if we lose and you know you didn't?
We don't need to be as wealthy as Michael Bloomberg or George Soros, but we do have to treat this as a fight for our most precious, fundamental rights.