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Monday, February 22, 2010

Brady Campaign gives Missouri low anti-gun tyranny grade

A low Brady anti-gun tyranny grade, of course, corresponds to a high freedom grade, so four points on a 100 point scale is pretty impressive--but not, I must say, good enough to crack the top 7. Missouri comes in behind Alaska, Arizon, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma (all two points), and Utah (zero points--go Utah!), to tie for 8th place with six other states (pdf file). [More]
That's today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner. Please give it a look, and spread the word.

In fact, while you're at it, my fellow GREs have some great stuff that needs to be read as widely as possible:

Ed Stone/Atlanta:
Georgia's National Parks are no longer gun free zones

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Liston Matthews/Knoxville:
Would Saint Peter pack a pistol in a national park today?

David Codrea/National:
What guns in national parks rule change won't do

Chris Woodard/Tucson:
Hostile amendment added to Arizona Constitutional carry bill SB 1102