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Thursday, February 04, 2010

If I were a coffee drinker . . .

Well, I should perhaps amend that to "If I were a coffee drinker who likes to spend a lot of money on coffee . . . "

Anyway, if I were such a person, I'd be supporting Starbucks, and here's why.

Over the past few months, more and more gun owners have been gathering at restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks with guns strapped to their hips, intimidating fellow patrons.

So far, Peet's Coffee & Tea and California Pizza Kitchen have heeded customer concerns and barred the open carrying of guns. But Starbucks is refusing to prohibit the open carrying of firearms in its stores.

It's everyone's right to sit in a restaurant or coffee shop with their families without intimidation or fear of guns, either concealed or openly carried.

Under the law, Starbucks has the right to adopt a gun-free policy, with an exception for uniformed police officers. Such a policy can easily be implemented in most cases by putting up signs at store entrances.

The practice of packing heat in places like Starbucks is intimidating and could be potentially dangerous to our families and communities – and it must be stopped.
Coffee drinkers--particularly those in California--please buy a Triple Kiwi-Raspberry Decaf Espresso Latte Frappuccino, for freedom.

And all of us should drop them a note suggesting they tell the Brady Campaign where they can stick their "demands."

Here's what I sent them:
Dear Starbucks,
I am writing to applaud your policy in California of serving customers who, in compliance with all applicable laws, openly carry holstered, unloaded firearms. I know that the Brady Campaign is trying to pressure you to prohibit such customers, (and is in fact "demanding" that you do so), and I hope you stand firm in your insistence on respecting the rights of all your customers.

Thank you,
Kurt Hofmann

Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman has more (and here, as well), as does Bob S., and now, National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea


PolyKahr said...


Finally got around to sending Starbucks a thank you note. I drink Starbucks regularly, so it would have pained me greatly to have to stop offering them my business.

Best Wishes,