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Friday, February 26, 2010

'Nobody should have guns. Everybody gets crazy'

In the wake of the middle school shooting in Littletown, Colorado this week, Lake County Record-Bee reporter Katy Sweeney bloviated about the need to keep guns away from the mentally ill. To do this, anyone living with someone who has mental health issues should, according to Katy, be disarmed himself:

If a gun owner's son is aggressive and depressed, the owner should take the guns out the house so that the son no longer has access to them.
But Katy hasn't gotten to the punchline yet. That comes next.
In discussing the Tuesday Colorado shooting with a friend I said, "Crazy people shouldn't have guns," She responded, "Nobody should have guns. Everybody gets crazy."

I agree.
They mean, I'm sure, nbody but the nice people in government, and their agents (like these guys), right, Katy?