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Thursday, February 18, 2010

GRE Round Up, Feb. 18

David Codrea has generously taken to helping promote other Gun Rights Examiners over at War on Guns, and has also generously agreed to let me copy it almost verbatim (I add a link to his latest GRE article, and delete the link to mine). If you find my stuff worth reading, you'll get plenty out of this, as well.

Ed Stone/Atlanta:
Open carry deters armed robbery in Kennesaw

Howard Nemerov/Austin:
Donna Campbell on gun rights

Daniel White/Cleveland:
National Parks gun ban set to expire, hysteria reaching critical

Dan Bidstrup/Denver:
The second amendment and federal buildings

John Longenecker/Los Angeles:
Safer Streets 2010: Lady Liberty Is Partisan, Part IV.

David Codrea/National:
Old TV western shows folly of citizen disarmament

Dave Workman/Seattle:
Finnish commission recommends handgun ban; Wire Paladin, San Francisco


straightarrow said...

This better not be a precursor to your leaving the writing. If it is I will come beat the wheels square on your chair.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Nothing like that, SA--just my own tiny contribution to cross-promotion.

straightarrow said...

Ok, I would miss you immensely. I don't often comment at your writings because you seldom leave anything left to be said. But I never don't look.

I wouldn't really do that, you know. I heard you have a gun :)