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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anti-gun Maryland Democrats set out to prove a right delayed is a right denied

Dr. Martin Luther King once famously stated that a "right delayed is a right denied." Typically, advocates of "gun control" try to dispute that obvious truism. Cardin, on the other hand, appears bent on proving it. [More]

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Anonymous said...

In itself, I don't oppose background checks for gun sales. When buying a Browning High Power, I don't mind showing the same ID card that I would have to show when buying a bottle of OTC cold/flu medicine. But the potential for abuse is obvious. The authorities can claim that they can't complete the procedure within a given time frame because they have been swamped with too many applicants, or because "the computer is down." (Right. Just like, "the check is in the mail.") Maybe you are supposed to ask the stalker to go away and come back in six months, or two years, or however long it takes to process your paperwork.

Anonymous said...

The claim that the Maryland State Police got a month behind in processing background checks because of so many people trying to buy AR-15's (or Mini-14's, or whatever) before the ban is unconvincing. How many people use credit or debit cards on any given day? Yet, when I swipe my card at the grocery store, the transaction goes through in a matter of seconds. Maybe the state police should outsource background checks to Visa and/or Master Card.