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Thursday, March 20, 2014

ARMagLock: Clever approach to dealing with oppressive gun laws, or surrender?

There is perhaps a compromise to be found here for people living under such laws. Defy those laws, obtain the "illegal" guns--even if you have to make them yourself in order to do so. Don't register them (obviously)--perhaps even convert the registration forms into atmospheric carbon, just to get the "progressives" still more hot under the collar. But also maintain at least one "legal" AR-15, even if doing so requires odd gadgetry like the ARMagLock and the "SAFE Act"-compliant stock--just to let the other side know that however many gun ban laws they come up with, they're still being outsmarted, and people are still buying AR-15s (which can, after all, be quickly converted to full capability). [More]

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