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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Jersey state senator's self-serving 'evolution' on magazine bans is typical

So what made last month "the appropriate time"? According to the NorthJersey.com article, with Sweeney's reelection last November, he has probably faced his last need to serve the interests of his constituents in his relatively pro-gun district. Now, evidently, he is expected to pursue his gubernatorial ambitions in a state that, unlike his district, is dominated by an electorate largely receptive to draconian "gun control" measures. Seen in that light, even calling his earlier opposition to a magazine ban "a lie" might be letting him off to easily. Perhaps it should be called a cynical, self-serving, snollygoster's lie. [More]

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't do any good to point out that a "progressive" politician is a liar. His supporters will just say, "He had to pretend to be pro-gun (or for welfare reform, or tax relief, or whatever) to win the election." Liberals actually admire a skillful candidate who poses for a photo op holding a shotgun while campaigning in Alabama, and who also kisses Sarah Brady onstage at a banquet in San Francisco. Deceiving voters is sophisticated and worldly. And limousine liberals admire sophistication above honesty and integrity.

isaac said...

Hard to trust anything a politician says or does based on the fact that they have so much to gain.

Do you trust everything a car salesman tells you? I hope not.