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Friday, March 21, 2014

'Smart guns' dumb idea for police, even dumber for the rest of us

Yep--apparently the Fraternal Order of Police don't want to take the risk that the criminal's gun won't work, in case the officer gets it away from him and needs to use it.

If police are endangered by a requirement to carry "smart guns," and they are endangered by criminals carrying them, just who is it that should be required to use them?

The obvious answer is nobody. [More]

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Anonymous said...

The percentage of police officers shot with their own weapons probably has decreased, mainly because of improved training. Still, it is common enough that law enforcement agencies would certainly want "smart guns," if they were dependable. The fact that cops don't want to carry such weapons just shows that there are legitimate doubts about reliability.

And the need for reliability in a defensive weapon is always the same. That goes whether you are a cop in a gunfight with bank robbers, or a civilian defending yourself against home invasion robbers.